About Us

What is a BHCC?

Across NY State, a total of 13 Behavioral Health Collaboratives (BHCC) were formed through funding received through the New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) and the Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) as a result of the NYS Behavioral Health Value Based Payment (BH VBP) Readiness Program. The BHCCs are intended to help prepare behavioral health providers to engage in Value-Based Payment arrangements, a financial incentive framework that rewards healthcare providers for improved quality, outcomes, and costs. The main goal is to improve the integration of physical and behavioral health. INITIAL RESULTS from NYS OMH show that individuals who receive services through a BHCC have shown a 27% decrease in in-patient stays, and a 30% decrease in ER usage, resulting in a $19.9 million dollar savings to the NY State Medicaid system.  




The South Central Behavioral Health Network, Inc. (SCBHCC)

History:  The South-Central Behavioral Health Care Collaborative, LLC (SCBHCC) is a network of 27 independent behavioral health, physical health, and social determinants of health (SDoH) organizations providing comprehensive community-based services throughout eight counties in Central New York and the Southern Tier. The members of our network have a shared goal of improving the health and wellness of individuals experiencing behavioral health disorders, often complicated by medical issues and/or social determinants of health needs.

The BHCCs in NY State used Behavioral Health Value Based Payment (BH VBP)  funds to enhance quality care and improve outcomes. This included clinical and financial integration and the use of community-based recovery support services. In 2021, New York State allocated $20 million in American Rescue Plan Act enhanced Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (eFMAP) funding to BHCCs.

The South Central Behavioral Health Care Collaborative (SCBHCC) includes 27 behavioral healthcare providers, primary care and other medical providers, as well as community-based organizations that deliver support services throughout the eight-county region shown on the map (Broome, Tioga, Tompkins, Cayuga, Madison, Cortland, Chenango and Delaware). The SCBHCC functions on the strength of the partners collectively through referrals to develop and implement an infrastructure that strengthens integrative care and improves service and care outcomes.  This drives efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Through sustainable, data-informed collaborations the SCBHCC can support a comprehensive system of care that aims to improve the health outcomes for individuals served in our communities while preparing the partner organizations to participate in Value-Based Payment arrangements.    We have achieved sustainability through our collective efforts.

Upcoming:  We will soon be changing our name to South Central Behavioral Health Network, Inc. Our work will continue as an Independent Practice Association (IPA) across our 8-county region.

What does this mean to our community members?

The SCBHCC is an “open-door’ network of large and small providers that will ensure that you, as an individual living in our rural community, will have increased awareness and access to the affordable benefits of our comprehensive behavioral health system.

Through community partnerships and meaningful connections, SCBHCC will:

1.  Strengthen relationships and communication between primary care physicians, social support services for families, children, substance use, mental health, and hospitals.

2.  Develop innovative approaches to ensure that our community has readily available access to their desired healthcare services.

3.  Advocate and support local providers by sharing relevant information and best practices to improve the quality of services.

In Crisis?

Please note that SCBHCC is NOT a health services provider, but instead a convener of partners who collectively provide services for individuals within our region. If you or someone you know needs help with a behavioral health issue, such as mental illness or addiction, the following crisis hotlines, and mobile teams are qualified to link you with effective treatment options.

  • Broome County Crisis Center- 607-762-2302
  • Cayuga County Crisis Line- 315-253-0341
  • Chenango County Mobile Crisis Assessment Team (MCAT)- 1-877-369-6699 or 1-844-732-6228
  • Cortland County Mental Health Clinic- 607-758-6100
  • Delaware County Mobile Crisis Assessment Team (MCAT)- 315-732-6228 or 1-844-732-6228
  • Madison County Crisis Line- 315-366-2327 (option #1)
  • Tioga County Mental Health Clinic- (607) 687-4000 or 1-877-882-8313 (Owego Clinic) / (607) 565-9594 (Waverly Clinic)
  • Tompkins County Crisis Line- (607) 272-1616 or (800) 273-8255