NY Gov. Hochul announces a $1 Billion Plan to Overhaul Mental Health

Feb 22, 2023 | Insights and Highlights

Johnson City, NY: Today Governor Hochul held a press conference at the Schorr Theater to announce a $1 billion plan to overhaul mental healthcare across the state. The plan intends to:

  1. Add 1,000 inpatient psychiatric treatment beds.
  2. Open 150 new adult beds in state-operated psychiatric hospitals, including 100 in New York City.
  3. Create 3,500 housing units for people with mental illness, who are more likely to suffer homelessness than the general population.
  4. Bolster insurance coverage for mental health.
  5. Expanding outpatient services and better systemic accountability for hospital admissions and discharges are also included as priorities in the plan.
  6. Increase Medicaid payment rates for school-based satellite clinics and school-based wraparound services.

“We have underinvested in mental healthcare for so long and allowed the situation to become so dire that it has become a public safety crisis, as well,” Ms. Hochul said in the news release. “This proposal marks a monumental shift to make sure no one falls through the cracks and to finally and fully meet the mental health needs of all New Yorkers.”

Source:  NYS Governor’s Office