Building on the Omnibus Bill and American Rescue Act success, Senator Schumer has allocated $2 million to the new site. These are funds allocated out of $9 million that was designated for Cortland County. This will be double the space of the previous facility.  This new facility, to be located in the former Tichenor Building, has received a total of $5 million in funding with the Omnibus Bill supporting the other 3 million.

According to Sharon MacDougall, Director of Community Services, “The legacy of this building goes back a century, and the legacy of the Mental Health Services goes back 50 years and now to blend these two legacies is meaningful in that it is life-changing for the behavioral health community.”

Senator Schumer added that, “The bill has yet to be passed, but it is “in the works.”

The new building will have fiberoptics for connectivity issues.  It will be more efficient, offering a welcoming, therapeutic environment for those who want to be seen in person, while providing a solid connection for telehealth.

This building will serve those with mental health issues, as well as developmental disabilities for what Senator Schumer referred to as a “One Stop Shop.”

Pictured above:  Lisa Hoeschele, Executive Director of Family and Children’s Counseling Services, Inc.

Sources: Kevin Smith of The Cortland Voice